Odd Monday Morning Mix

Oh, my- did you see the full moon last night at about dark- beautiful, full harvest moon. Clear sky (here in PDX), yellow and big (horizon illusion), gorgeous. It’s a shame we have no radio show this month. Looked something like this:


Some photos taken on the way to work in the morning- sunrise (as per usual, click for full size or if picture doesn’t show, most of these are huge):

Holgate Street, pre-dawn

Holgate Street, pre-dawn

Rhone Street

Rhone Street


On a different note- this illustratin of Mercury’s magnetic field, distorted by it’s proximity to the solar wind:

mercury_magnetic_fieldFollowing in the “space” category, a May 22nd, 2009 view of the Space Staion from the space shuttle, earth back:


Beautiful Bangalore shrine, oddly found while looking for pictures of Swami Sarvaganada (because I wanted an illustration of his Guru Puja/ Akanda Mandala Karam audio, instead found this excellent Ramakrishna altar:

bangalore shrine

Then this:

Gynandromorphic Butterfly

Gynandromorphic Butterfly


Woody G at McSorely's

Woody G at McSorely's

And this:


All that remains is Fluff and Cuteness:



[ani] a cat on a slide

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