firin’ the odd shot, here and there

Pictures, photographs, that is. Starting with family items, degenerating into random finds, ani-gifs. The family pictures are big big big, click for full size.

Erin and Me

Erin and Me

Erin is no longer with us- as in she died 2 & 1/2 years after this picture was taken. After we bought the flute, I tried to encourage her to practice. Detail follows with clear view of the glare she was giving me in this sweet father-daughter moment:


The last good family Halloween- also 1991. Top picture includes our babysitter and her boyfriend with Erin on the left side, middle is outside with a guest, me and Matt as a toddler, bottom is trick or treat-


One of our cats, Blizzard, a few years back (pre- foreclosure on the house the kids grew up in, pre- rented house burning down last year); Eyes on Fire-


Matt getting a sword for his birthday last year (he collects swords, doesn’t use them- he’s a Quaker kid, after all)-


Random, mostly from an un-named (un-nameable, unknowable etc.) source:

Good Morning, Filepile

just the kick



Dr. Brewers Guide to Science- 1880

Dr. Brewers Guide to Science- 1880

More Dr. Brewer

More Dr. Brewer


#D Hilbert Curve, generated with a custom MEL script in Maya

#D Hilbert Curve, generated with a custom MEL script in Maya

-) (-

Cat 'n melon

Cat 'n melon

[ani] ready for take-off


Bye for now-


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