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A New Chapter in Portland Radio

XRAY FM- on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Streamed, and broadcasting, newly licensed LPFM community radio. A bastard cousin of Radio23, brainchild of Jeff Simmons.



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New Song

Inspired by a patient (or 2 or 10 or 600) at OSH- poorly performed, sadly pathetic production values, my voice doesn’t work, the words are after- here it is:


My name is Robert

I live in Oregon State Hospital in building 35

I can’t say much about my live before this place

I’ve been locked up 40 years, don’t know if I’ll get out alive

You may think worse of me to know I hear spirits in the night

As they walk the narrow halls I hear them cry

Nameless Men and Women who lived out their days in here

Maybe I will join them by and by


Me, I get up early every single day

Look out on the ward and wish that I was far away

But if my life has been wasted you don’t need to see

The only one who knows I’m here is me

When I was young my life here was a nightmare

I was raped by other patients and tied down by MHTs

[Mental Health Technicians- the bottom rung of ward staff]

Then left in the seclusion room while staff would sit outside

Catching up on their reading, just as distant as you please

It’s not so bad here for me now it’s just an awful boring place

We go to groups, the same day after day

And if staff don’t give a damn they mostly leave us all alone

Sometimes we get good ones, they won’t stay


I don’t just sit around all day

I’d go crazy if I did, I’ve seen it happen to a few

I used to work on grounds but now we’re locked down pretty tight

It seems as though there never is enough for me to do

My IDT gave me my Treatment Plan last week

[Interdisciplinary Treatment Team- the primary instruments of Ward Rule]

All my goals right there for me to read

It always just amazes me they know me so damn well

Without ever asking what I need



I’ll put this on the music page later- after I do a better recording of it.


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New Recording,Old Song

Internet back on at my home so here’s this. It’s going on the new music page, too.


-a song I wrote while receiving therapy for PTSD. I had a remarkable flash-back experience (good) during a session of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). It’s a long story.

Here’s a bobcat meditating (click for full size):

A picture my son found- Donner Bunnies:


Lotus couple (click for big):

Miscellaneous animated gifs:

Super Villain:


What does this mean?

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Second Warning!

Mad LiberationBy MoonLight

KBOO Radio 90.7 FM
1- 2 a.m. Late Friday night
(yes, I know that it is technically Saturday morning- relax, it’s just a radio show)
June 20th, 2008

Dedicated to Everyone
who has ever been given a psychiatric label, to anyone who experiences mental health challenges and to anybody who has the misfortune (or good fortune) of being awake at that hour.

You can participate!

Call in at (503) 231-8187
Please call in! Set your alarm!

Friday nights from 1 am to 2 am usually following the full-moon, will be a segment on KBOO radio (90.7 on your fm dial, to the left of NPR), also streamed on the internet on their website, http://www.kboo.fm/index.php will be time for of Mad Lib by Moonlight. The program is part of the usual Friday night show, The Outside World.

Flier for printing- post it at your place of bidness!


Check out new music on the music page-

I added 2 songs today.


I’m sure you know people like this:


Street sign in Hong Kong-


The cat is the hat-

New tadpole shots!

They have front legs!!

I’m also seeing signs that some of the tadpoles are becoming newts- the barest expression of gills; I can’t capture on camera yet. Soon

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Song for Andrew, Song for Matt

Two songs I wrote for my boys when they were small-

First, for Andrew, a song based on words from a poem by Rabindranath Tagore.



When and Why [for Andrew]

When I bring you toys my child
I understand the reason why
there is such a play of color in the water and
why clouds play with shapes up in the sky
why flowers are painted in hues
I know why

When I bring sweet things to your hands
I surely know the purpose now
for the honey in the cup of the flower and
why fruit is worth the climb out on the bough
and why you light up in absolute bliss
I see now

When I sing to make you dance
I know the reason why
There is music in the waves of the ocean and
the wind adds it’s voices from up high
to the chorus of the listening earth
I know why

When I kiss you to make you smile
I finally understand
The pleasure streaming down in the morning light
the feel of bare feet running thriough the sand
the summer breeze against my face
I understand

Second, the song I wrote for Matt on the day of his birth:



Grateful for you [Matt’s song]

Life is a spring I know it’s true because I can see
that from earth to sky we live and grow and come to be.
Since you have come into our lives we can see it more clearly this way:
the renewal of our spirit every day.

We left a lot of work to do in this old world where you will live.
We will try to provide you all the tools we know, that we can give.
You are the one who knows what you will need for the work that you’ll have to do-
we trust god to give you the lessons important to you.

We are so grateful for you
and the chance we have to walk with you a while.
Take comfort in the love we have for you.
We are so glad you’ve come to be our child.

No black or white, no right or wrong- you will live between.
There is so much more to the world than things that can be seen.
If you close your eyes and look inside the answers are waiting for you
and you will be at peace in all that you do.

We’d like to hold you close in our arms, never see you leaving our home
but the time will come to go on your path and lead a life of your own.
You will take with you all that we can share for the journey you only can know.
Our love will follow you wherever you go.


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Music still… and some pictures, and some other sounds

Well, this is what I’ve been doing with my excess free time.

This time it’s a cover of Sea of Love-

Hope someone listens and likes it.


silly pictures (not my work):

Outside my balcony the other day:


I hope that the estate of Bo Diddley (and RIAA,of course) will not be too upset.



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More homemade music

Things I’ve recorded lately-

new version of Froggy Girl

(the song I wrote for my daughter when she was 2 years old)


A couple songs I wrote after her death:



‘at’s all for today.

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