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Sunday Basket

My older son, Andrew has been in town for a visit. He leaves tomorrow morning. Yesterday we took a short hike near home- south side of Powell Butte- to find shade in the heat. Today we went to a movie (Wall-E) to find air conditioning. Pictures from yesterday:

On a different note, tadpoles are changing quickly- they are leaving the tank on my patio and going into the wide world. As of today all of the marginal habitat along the Springwater Corridor and the drainage ditches on Powell Butte have dried up. Hundreds or thousands of polliwogs did not make it to maturity. I saved about 60 this year. (Tadpole rescue is an annual effort.)

Other found pictures with no particular theme:

execution - flawless. planning - fail

Daisy Vs. the Squirrel:

bat to the head

empty threat

Lose weight, no dieting!



The goal:


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