The Art of Happiness: Audio by HH Dalai Lama

Download, share:




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7 responses to “The Art of Happiness: Audio by HH Dalai Lama

  1. Angela

    How can I download this audio book? I am leaving on a long trip and will not be able to read while driving. Thanks!


  2. Rick Snook

    right click on the download, click on “save as…”
    then save it as whatever you want,
    into whatever folder you want (e.g. your music folder).

    or, depending on your browser, it may auto load when you left click on it.



  3. Alex

    Hello there,
    just wanted to say thanks for the files re “The Art of Happiness” (I have the book and Audio Cassettes) but needed the mp3’s to put on my phone as I managed to damage my brain a few years ago and find it difficult to concentrate on reading for to long, slowly getting better though.

    I just wanted to inform you (after just a cursory listen) that the file “art-of-happiness-dalai-lama-1of-2-share-me-self-help-audio-book1.mp3” is incomplete/broken, it’s only 02:01 long and cuts out prior to Chapter 2.

    Also, I renamed the file as it looked slightly odd next to the the other file (01:36:07) to “art-of-happiness-dalai-lama-1-of-2-share-me-self-help-audio-book.mp3”.

    Thanks again and happiness to you and yours 😎


  4. mayur

    Alex do you have the full version mp3 file ?


    • Alex

      Hi there,
      sorry but I don’t have an mp3 of “The Art of Happiness”, that’s why I tried to get your files. I need to buy an Audio Tape to MP3 USB device so I can transfer all of my old tapes over to my computer and phone. I’ll try and upload the file(s) after I’ve done it. I also have “The Path to Tranquility” by the Dalai Lama. It will probably take me quite a while before this happens though.

      Alex 8-p


  5. Nika

    Thank you very much for sharing this book! It’s a great thing you did!


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