Sadhana- The Realization of Life by Rabindranath Tagore


At long last, I’ve come across an audio of

Sadhana- The Realization of Life

by Rabindranath Tagore

(the most popular post ever on this blog-

go here for the complete e-book download).

Now, I have the LibriVox, public domain audio book-

easier to read than a computer monitor.









Special Bonus! Multi-lingual Tagore Poetry Jam!


rabi140028viLook around on this site- I have many complete downloads of Tagore’s work-

including Gitanjali, my personal favorite poetry collection.


tagore-straybirds(above- Stray Birds poem in the author’s hand. Stray Birds is available elsewhere on this site)







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5 responses to “Sadhana- The Realization of Life by Rabindranath Tagore

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  2. suchetana mondal

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  3. The goal is to realize the ultimate truth

    Every man achieves the ulitimate realization from his physical body or state and this is one achievement which cannot be measured nor can ever be imagined. This force or energy is greater than the power of prana , mind ,the blissful state experienced by mind.once an individual goes deeper into spirutuality he comes to a conclusion that it is thou and not thy who is the real form. Once we experience this state we come to a conclusion that I am an orphan yet I have everyone.
    I have no father,mother, no form , or physical existance. I am the supreme light the adichaitanya the supreme TEJAS!!!
    This is the state of complete zeroness , where it is compared to the state of god or samadhi. Here an individual atman becomes onje with the supreme paramatman
    The soul is beyond comparision of length, breast and height and time. The vedas and upanishads are not able to describe the real starte af atman. It is niether a scientific nor religious in nature. it is nither matter, compound element or atom , since it is smaller than an atom and but greater or larger than the entire planetary system. It is above any of the 5 elements and can never be persued by the 5 senses or panchendrias. Nither the gods nor the devils have known the real nature of atman.
    Then an individual will only see the real atman or supreme brahman supreme effulgence and creator of the universe ,shiva , hence forth he becomes the controler and creater of this universe and away from nature law, is nither in an animate or inanimate state what everyone call as god.


  4. Raji

    Was Sadhana ever written in Bengali? Or was the original version only in English?


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