Good news/ bad news

The good news is that I have  diagnosis and something along the lines of what to expect. The bad news is that I have a diagnosis and a fair idea of what to expect.

One ruptured and one herniated disk.

They tried the oral prednisone, very bad side effects related to  blood sugar. I will be getting steroid injections. These will cause some blood sugar problems but shouldn’t be as bad. There is good reason to expect some relief from pain for a while; that is, they are  cautiously optimistic.

Bad news is that the damage is severe and will take quite a while to heal. The steroids won’t help with that, they will just, hopefully reduce my reliance on narcotic pain meds. I could be unable to work for months. It could be longer.

I need to very quickly and deliberately find a way to live on a lower income. It most likely will include downsizing my living situation to a room or studio apartment.

I feel good though, it’s not overwhelming right now. Things will be okay, just need to adjust. For once in my life I have no one besides myself to take care of and that makes a huge difference for me in terms of stress.

It’s all good.

Ronald Mc Du Fu

Ronald Mc Du Fu


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4 responses to “Good news/ bad news

  1. Katy Corning

    Rick, I am thinking of you. Life has a way of unfolding in mysterious ways.. You are still the beautiful soul you have always been.
    I’m so sorry you are in pain and having to adapt to such difficult things. Chronic physical pain sucks.
    It sounds like you are on your own? Are you still married? Who is helping you with all of this shit? Anyway, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know I hold you in my heart. You are a dear friend, and I am sending you healing energy and light and all the juju and woo woo I can.
    Watch out for those pain meds; I’ve become dependent on them more than once myself. If you need advice or help getting off them, let me know: I’m sort of an amateur “expert”. As for the Poop, here’s the scoop: Never stop taking some form of laxative while on opiates!!!! I found the perfect solution and it was given to me by my Naturopath. It’s called Triple Mag. Let me know if you’re looking for a healthy way to keep the ol’ bowels a-movin”.
    Well, I’ve come all the way around from sending “holy healing light” to advice on pooping. I hope you are better, be patient with yourself and know you are valued and loved.

    Your Friend,



    • rick s

      Hi Katy, I love hearing from you. Yeah, life takes strange turns. The physical issues are absolutely creating an interruption in my life, making me downsize (further), etc. I also needing to come to terms on the long term sustainability of my work life in general. The unrelenting sadness and mistreatment I witness everyday need to be reconciled with my own broken places. In the meantime, I have short and long term disability that I pay for at work and that I will most likely exhaust before taking any next step. As of today, I have no place to live. The manager of the apartment where I have been for a while is letting me pay half a months’ rent on the 5th and the other half of April by the 20th (assuming my short-term benefits kick in by then). I am looking for am inexpensive alternative, doing some house-sitting (and animal sitting) for now. I’m currently emotionally aalright (as of 5 am PST, 4/1/13). Love you very much, hope to see you again soon. -r


  2. Mari

    Rick- If you end up needing to go the surgical route, please contact me.


  3. 5kittens

    Ann Kasper hinted that I should read your blog, so here I am. I’m truly sorry that you”re hurting, Rick. I wish you nothing but peace. j


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