Book review and Superb Owl Sunday

Followed by the usual weekend nonsense;  Superb Owl and other topics.

God is playing with us. It’s a mistake to be too serious.

Moth Moon by Matt Jasper- available on Amazon here

click thumbnails below for bigger pictures of the front and back.

Matt sent me one of these over a year ago and asked me to read it. I lost track of it. Then he sent another one this week- I am really impressed. I should have read it before.

I don’t read a lot of poetry but I will recommend this to everyone I know. It helps that most of the people I know have some sort of mental illness.

This book speaks to me. Or it whispers. Or is using sign language. Or it is raving. Hell, I don’t know anything anymore.

Don’t get this book unless you want to see what’s behind the curtain. Then, dance as though no one who can have you committed is watching.

Excerpt (hope this is okay, Matt):

Now, on a different note-

Superb Owl



Less0n for today (click for image full size or if it doesn’t appear)-

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