The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna by M

Free e-book (this work is in the public domain, download at will)

But first know these things:

  1. This is huge- I mean really huge. 1260 pages huge. It has not been easy.
  2. I have not found the complete book available anywhere and so compiled it section by section. This could have led to some errors but hopefully only small ones. Teeny, insignificant in relative terms, I’m sure.
  3. I have included the original preface, introduction and other notes (a forward by Aldous Huxley, not in the original printing).
  4. I have taken the liberty of adding some photos/ pictures that were never in the original book.

Here are some excerpts, followed by the download, in doc format because that’s what the uploader will take.

HAZRA: “Does God listen to our prayer for bhakti?”

MASTER: “Surely. I can assure you of that a hundred times. But the prayer must be genuine and earnest. Do worldly-minded people weep for God as they do for wife and children? At Kamarpukur the wife of a certain man fell ill. The man thought she would not recover; he began to tremble and was about to faint. Who feels that way for God?”

Hazra was about to take the dust of the Master’s feet.

MASTER (shrinking): “What is this?”

HAZRA: “Why should I not take the dust of his feet who has so kindly kept me with him?”

MASTER: “Satisfy God and everyone will be satisfied. ‘If He is pleased the world is pleased.’ Once the Lord ate a few greens from Draupadi’s cooking-pot and said, ‘Ah, I am satisfied.’ Immediately the whole world and all its living beings were satisfied; they felt as if they had eaten their fill. But was the world satisfied or did it feel that way when the rishis ate their food?

(To Hazra) “A perfect soul, even after attaining Knowledge, practises devotions or observes religious ceremonies to set an example to others. I go to the Kali temple and I bow before the holy pictures in my room; therefore others do the same. Further, if a man has become habituated to such ceremonies, he feels restless if he does not observe them.

“One day I saw a sannyasi under the banyan-tree. He had put the salagram on the same carpet with his guru’s sandals. He was worshipping them. I said to him, ‘If you have attained Knowledge to that extent,* then why such formal worship at all?’ He replied: ‘What difference does it make? Since I do everything else, why not this too? Sometimes I offer the flowers at the guru’s feet and sometimes to God.’

“One cannot renounce work as long as one has a body. As long as there is mud at the bottom of the lake, bubbles will be produced.

(To Hazra) “If there is knowledge of one, there is also knowledge of many. What will you achieve by mere study of the scriptures? The scriptures contain a mixture of sand and sugar, as it were. It is extremely difficult to separate the sugar from the sand. Therefore one should learn the essence of the scriptures from the teacher or from a sadhu. Afterwards what does one care for books?

(To the devotees) “Gather all the information and then plunge in. Suppose a pot has dropped in a certain part of a lake. Locate the spot and dive there.

“One should learn the essence of the scriptures from the guru and then practise sadhana. If one rightly follows spiritual discipline, then one directly sees God. The discipline is said to be rightly followed only when one plunges in. What will a man gain by merely reasoning about the words of the scriptures? Ah, the fools! They reason themselves to death over information about the path. They never take the plunge. What a pity!

“You may say, even though you dive deep you are still in danger of sharks and crocodiles, of lust and anger. But dive after rubbing your bodv with turmeric powder; then sharks and crocodiles will not come near you. The turmeric, is discrimination and renunciation.

(To the devotees) “God made me pass through the disciplines of various paths. First according to the Purana, then according to the Tantra. I also followed the disciplines of the Vedas. At first I practised sadhana in the Panchavati. I made a grove of tulsi-plants and used to sit inside it and meditate. Sometimes I cried with a longing heart, ‘Mother! Mother!’ Or again, ‘Rama! Rama!’

“While repeating the name of Rama, I sometimes assumed the attitude of Hanuman and fixed a tail to the lower end of my backbone. I was in a God-intoxicated state. At that time I used to put on a silk robe and worship the Deity. What joy I experienced in that worship!

“I practised the discipline of the Tantra under the bel-tree. At that time I could see no distinction between the sacred tulsi and any other plant. In that state I sometimes ate the leavings from a jackal’s meal,* food that had been exposed the whole night, part of which might have been eaten by snakes or other creatures. Yes, I ate that stuff.

“Sometimes I rode on a dog and fed him with luchi, also eating part of the bread myself. I realized that the whole world was filled with God alone. One cannot have spiritual realization without destroying ignorance; so I would assume the attitude of a tiger and devour ignorance.

“While practising the disciplines of the Vedas, I became a sannyasi. I used to lie down in the chandni and say to Hriday: ‘I am a sannyasi. I shall take my meals here.’*

“I vowed to the Divine Mother that I would kill myself if I did not see God. I said to Her: ‘O Mother, I am a fool. Please teach me what is contained in the Vedas, the Puranas, the Tantras, and the other scriptures.’ The Mother said to me, ‘The essence of the Vedanta is that Brahman alone is real and the world illusory.’ The Satchidananda Brahman described in the Vedas is the Satchidananda Siva of the Tantra and the Satchidananda Krishna of the Purana. The essence of the Gita is what you get by repeating the word ten times. It is reversed into ‘tagi’, which indicates renunciation.

“After the realization of God, how far below lie the Vedas, the Vedanta, the Purana, the Tantra! (To Hazra) I cannot utter the word ‘Om’ in samadhi. Why is that? I cannot say ‘Om’ unless I come down very far from the state of samadhi.

“I had all the experiences that one should have, according to the scriptures, after one’s direct perception of God. I behaved like a child, like a madman, like a ghoul, and like an inert thing.

“I saw the visions described in the scriptures. Sometimes I saw the universe filled with sparks of fire. Sometimes I saw all the quarters glittering with light, as if the world were a lake of mercury. Sometimes I saw the world as if made of liquid silver. Sometimes, again, I saw all the quarters illumined as if with the light of Roman candles. So you see my experiences tally with those described in the scriptures.

“It was revealed to me further that God Himself has become the universe and all its living beings and the twenty-four cosmic principles. It is like the process of evolution and involution.*

“Oh, what a state God kept me in at that time! One experience would hardly be over before another overcame me. It was like the movement of the husking-machine: no sooner is one end down than the other goes up.

“I would see God in meditation, in the state of samadhi, and I would see the same God when my mind came back to the outer world. When looking at this side of the mirror I would see Him alone, and when looking on the reverse side I saw the same God.”

The devotees listened to these words with rapt attention.


The Download:



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  1. Hello,

    Nice Blog. I also blog and have a collection of quotes by sri ramakrishna, ramana maharshi, and other famous indian saints. Can i take your article to upload on my blog. I have also added some articles from the Gospel labelled, Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita.




  2. Wish

    Thank you for your wonderful wonderful blog. I am an Indian and I am absolutely thrilled at the depth of your knowledge. I too owe a deep and profound debt to Tagore.
    May God bless you and take away your pains.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom,


    • rickpdx

      God has already soothed my pains- a discovery made every day I wake up breathing. I am so glad that this blog has touched your heart. At my desk, where I work, I keep a very old, weathered book: The Collected Poems and Plays of Rabindranath Tagore, published in 1949. It’s back is broken and taped with masking tape. It’s pages are worn. Every few pages is another marker- usually some brown paper that I can’t recall it’s origins. On each of those pages is a message (or 2 or 4) that has given me peace and light.


  3. Manoj Sivan

    very good and informative service to Sanathana Dharama..Informations about great saints and Mahatamas. May God bless you for your noble deeds…May Sanathana Dharma and teachings of great Mahatmas reach more and more ….om om om


  4. Kriyaban J






    OM Yoga raajaaya vidmahe Mahaa yogaaya dheemahi
    Thanno kriyaa yogaa prachodayat.

    Heavenly Father, Divine Mother Gayathri, Param Guru Premavatar Mahavatar Babaji and Sadgurus of all religions we bow to you all. Babaji, bless me, love me, protect me, guide me forever and forever. Babaji, be with us, bless us, guide us and make us as perfect kriyabans by sowing the seeds of divine love, joy, peace, prosperity, friendship, kindness and success in our hearts forever and forever and wake up us from maha maya. Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhihi.

    Wishing well and good to all with a smile on your face! That is living well. Living well is making the world a better place. It is gift for you and everyone! That is wisdom. .. Babaji

    This method is called as WHITE LIGHT KRIYA YOGA, directly revealed by Sri Mahavatar Babaji to a Kriyaban on the eve of His Smriti Divas to make your homes as places of peace. Billions can practice, print and share on your own. No restrictions. No need of Sannyas. No need of conditioning the mind. Fix your timings on your own to practice NOW.

    BASIS : Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi .. of Gayathri mantra .. We should meditate on God as LIGHT. i.e. in pure, bright white light form.

    METHOD : (1) Sit in Padmasan or any comfortable posture, recite the prayers, close your eyes, gaze between eye brows, open your heart, invite Babaji into your heart by saying, Babaji come and stay in my heart, and imagine as your heart is filling with divine love. Maintain stillness. Then, reveal all of your problems. Pray for His guidance.

    (2) Invite prana or pure, bright white light .. say, my prana is purifying all chakras and all parts of my body, mind and soul by removing all blocks and all past, present bad karmas within me. You can feel the flow of energy within . ..2..

    (3) Feel within as my prana or white light is healing all of my diseases within my physical, mental, subtle bodies and energizing all of my chakras forever and forever. Maintain stillness. Then feel as ..

    (4) Pure, bright white light is purifying apus, pridhvi, vayu, tejas, akash, my home and all of my past, present, future bad karmas and around me upto 10000 Maintain stillness. Then say within as I am succeeding in all of my efforts, I am very happy, prosperous and peaceful now.

    (5) Then imagine, my prana in the form of pure, bright white light is filling my body, mind and soul with divine love, joy, peace, prosperity, friendship, kindness and success forever and forever. Maintain stillness.

    (6) Then, you feel within as …. NOW I am experiencing as the divine nature of God is childlike, always celebratory, always joyful and unconditionally loving the moment. These moments are unconditionally loving moments. I am in touch with God. My human will is transforming into divine will, my human love is transforming into divine love, my sexual energy is transforming into divine energy. I am recognizing the unity with God now and forever and forever, I am transforming day by day from human being into a divine light being. [Fill your heart with such divine feelings]

    (7) Imagine as abundant cosmic energy is flowing through my body, mind and soul and storing below my navel forever and forever.

    (8) Continue to meditate for 20 to 45 minutes. If you want to recite Babaji’s prayer as many times as you can, recite. Experience the inner joy in silence. Practice stillness daily. Learn to meditate for long time upto 3 to 5 hours.

    (9) PRAY FOR OTHERS : At the end of the meditation pray for 5 minutes as …

    “Heavenly Father, bless me and all of us, our family members, all friends, relatives, all soulmates, ATMAS, soldiers, our country and all children of Babaji provide us the most peaceful life with all comforts and enough resources and wipe out all negative forces and vulgar culture forever and forever” …

    from the depth of your heart. At the end recite above prayers and say Sarveshaam Santhir Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu, Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu. Language is not a barrier. Purity of heart is required.. Understand the true nature of Divine Will, Free Will and acquire at Will and selection of soulmates by God. To follow the footsteps of God follow “Will of God” only.

    Pregnants, children and any seeker without any discrimination of age, gender, religion, spiritual path can follow the above method. No need to deviate from your regular worshipping methods. This system is purely personal and so natural to maintain eternal contact with God directly. You can spread, print, and share this method with any seeker of God. No need of secrecy. Become a Deva Warriors and Light Workers. This pure knowledge is free. (To practice this method use white light or prana

    PRANA is the link between You and the God.
    Be practical, live realistically and naturally in tune with modern times.
    The real transformation has to be made within your Heart only but not outside.
    Practice to awaken the “TRUE MASTER” resides within your heart.
    Set a goal to meditate for a minimum of 10,000 hours in a decade or two.

    Unmarried ( everybody ) has to maintain physical and mental brahmacharya for
    purity within. Understand reality, never become a blindlamb, never follow the teachings of any Master blindly, perfect conceptual clarity is required.


  5. Nehal

    Thank you so much.. for providing download of Ramakrishna kathamrita book …God bless you … NEHAL


  6. andrew

    Thankyou for this blog
    A friend in italy gave me 3 volumes which I think he downloded and bound very nicely
    I am half way through the first volume its just so powerful


    • rick s

      Thank you. I am so glad when people use this material. It is hard to find these documents anymore, next to impossible to find in English. It amazed me that so many of my blog followers are Indians who appreciate access to Indian novels, poetry and spiritual texts!
      I have been laid up and disabled for most of the past year now and using the computer has often proved difficult, to update, write new articles or provide new content. I will keep trying. Your attention gives me inspiration.
      My humble thanks to you for reading and taking notice.
      my your day be sweet,


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