Erin’s Ghost


Re: poor recording quality, production values etc.
I am recording by myself with only a PC and Audacity and a cheap mike- cut me some slack. This also goes for my other songs. I’m getting better.

Re: Erin’s Ghost
This song was written as an open letter to god.
At the time it was written I was being asked from time to time how I could believe in god given life’s tragic circumstances. Truly, both my wife and I during this period believed in god more intensely than we had previously. We also believed that, with no doubt, “he” was an ass-hole of the highest magnitude. The song was an attempt to put this into words. It was my best effort at giving god the finger.
I am no longer so angry.

These are the lyrics:

All the labor of my days
All the sweetness of my nights
All the times that I have cursed or have ignored you
The times I’ve touched you, the greatest joy I have ever known,
I will undertake to lay these down before you

Ch: Life burns away, as a fire is consumed,
Don’t look for me below or up above.
Only one thing will remain of what is gone without a trace-
There is nothing but the ashes of your love.

You brought to me a baby girl
She was tired, she was sore.
You gave me dreams that I could love or even heal her.
For the time that she was mine we shared to many bitter tears.
There were even days I could not bear to feel her.


She had more pain to bear than joy.
More to teach than she could learn.
She was deeper than her vision could yet show her.
Still, as my heart counts the years she is never growing old
And I reflect upon the grace it was to know her.


Well, they say God cuts the thread-
So it was in her 13th year
That you allowed that she would end her own becoming.
I could not believe it true when I saw her lying dead,
Though I held until the chill of her was numbing.


(There is another verse but I didn’t record it for this version because I figured it was too long already and most people are done listening by this point.)

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