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New updates

Are posted on Overthrow the Stars and on Maelgwyn’s Journey.

Here are some dark cartoons.

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Banana in my Driveway

Ok. Its terrible.

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New Page- New Story

Find my new story on the Maelgwyn’s Journey tab.

Or click:

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New chapter and a part

Un-proof-read. Overthrow the stars. Up to part of Chapter 15. Lots of new stuff. Much has not been proofread.

Plus some pictures from walkin around.

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Musings on my Mind

I don’t have a great deal of confidence in my mind. I am definitely skeptical of the thoughts and perceptions that run through it. It all appears to be constantly changing.

I don’t know if anyone else has this but on the border of sleep, often just before waking in the morning, I find my mind is preoccupied with strange fascinations. I am thinking in geometric patterns, colors or numbers and there are serious, even dangerous, meanings to the thoughts. These moving patterns can be very intricate and detailed. It is often an unsettling experience.

The reality of these thoughts is absolute- just like a dream, I experience them as completely true. As I awake the images, thoughts and meanings fade and I can’t even describe these extremely compelling beliefs that underpin the world I was just in.

The other day at bedtime I had one of these experiences. It was as though I had woken from one of these dream fascinations and I believed that the world I live in was actually one of those compelling but ultimately meaningless kaleidoscopic patterns.

It startled me into wakefulness. I had the strong feeling that all my thoughts, beliefs and understandings were exactly as true and real as those dream images and vice versa.

There is a buddha quote I like. It’s probably not actual- I can’t find it’s source anywhere right now- but it’s basically (paraphrasing):

What is Totality?

There is the eye and the objects of vision,

The ear and the objects of sound,

The body and the objects of sensation,

The mind and the objects of cognition.

Anyone who tells you there is more, does not know what they’re talking about.

I used to think he was saying, “Everything is here in front of you right now in the perceived world.” I wonder if maybe everything, including this perceived world, is more than a tad wiggly. Lots of shadows and symbols, short on substance.

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Bad Carl

Is getting better.

New chapter, a good deal of editing.

Give it a try. I’ll make it easy. (Updates are always found for this story on the tab somewhere on this page)

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Major revision

Overthrow the Stars is different. I changed a bunch of things including the order of the chapters and the narrator in some spots.

Find the tab above or click here:

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Chapter 12 is up

Overthrow the Stars, Chapter 12, Rafe Lands on His Feet, is now posted. Currently I’m wrestling with a new chapter related to the disappearing city of Karun.

I’m a bit slowed down in my writing. Not stopped but distracted. I’m going to try printing more hard copies to give to people to read- hoping someone actually reads some of it. I am confident in my story for myself, but my focus would be improved if I thought anyone else was interested.

I’m well, relaxed and very glad to be retired. I’m enjoying doing some dog and cat sitting work for Rover. I like my new apartment, but the street sounds are too noisy for me to record any music.

On the music front, I have some things I want to record. I’ve been practicing a cover of the Sons cryptically titled “1982 (a)”. I may try to do it on my next house-sit. Everybody has a quieter place than me.


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Ending your inner civil war

Hi! Busy days.

Chapter 11 of the Liam story is up. Chapter 12 is being reworked due to some duplicative pieces.

Your reward for reading this is this nice youtube of Alan Watts reading from Jung.

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New Title, New Story

I have decided to name the story about Liam, Overthrow the Stars. It is still found here:

The new story is called Bad Carl and I’ve posted the first 3 chapters here:

The first 3 chapters of Bad Carl have not been proofread yet. I have jumped the gun. I’m hoping someone finds it interesting enough to give me feedback.

Update: 4th chapter added.

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