Old friend

This song has meant different things to me over the years. I’ve been writing it slowly over the course of 20 years. Lately I would put Daniel as an inspiration but the old friend in the song is my own heart.

The something that’s coming is the present moment and it contains all possibilities.

This version doesn’t have the lyrics captions. I will post them here instead.

Old Friend

I saw an old friend I had not in years

In the hospital, for a moment or two

His voice was familiar, it came from my heart

As he spoke the words I am saying to you


There’s something that’s coming especially for you

It’s time to let go of your fear

Your expectations just hide it from view

It’s important you see what is happening here

You have nowhere to go, the highway moves for you

You don’t need to think about scenes that are gone

You don’t need to worry about what comes before you

Face straight ahead, mind the road that you’re on



And just in that moment I was whole

And deep in that wholeness I could see

That even though I was locked up in the hospital

Just in that moment I was free

When I opened my eyes I could tell he had been there

Like a scent far away or a sound very small

I don’t give a shit if anyone cares

But that’s what I’ve held on to in spite of it all


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