This song has a couple of origins.

There was a time, even before Andrew was born, when I felt like Erin and I were the two who would always be together.

During that time I had an actual dream where the two of us were the only people left on the planet.

My relationship with her mother was fraught, insecure and I secretly prayed we would find a way to split up with me keeping Erin. Though that didn’t come to pass until after Andrew was born, I always just assumed that Erin would always be there.

Then she wasn’t.

The other source is the Chronicles of Narnia. I loved reading those books and loved reading them to my kids. Erin was the first one to get that treatment. So all the imagery about the lion, creation and calling the stars home is from The Magician’s Nephew and The Last Battle.

This is the most positive of the many songs I’ve written about grief.

All the graphics were made by me using WomboDream, an AI illustration app.

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