Chapter 12 is up

Overthrow the Stars, Chapter 12, Rafe Lands on His Feet, is now posted. Currently I’m wrestling with a new chapter related to the disappearing city of Karun.

I’m a bit slowed down in my writing. Not stopped but distracted. I’m going to try printing more hard copies to give to people to read- hoping someone actually reads some of it. I am confident in my story for myself, but my focus would be improved if I thought anyone else was interested.

I’m well, relaxed and very glad to be retired. I’m enjoying doing some dog and cat sitting work for Rover. I like my new apartment, but the street sounds are too noisy for me to record any music.

On the music front, I have some things I want to record. I’ve been practicing a cover of the Sons cryptically titled “1982 (a)”. I may try to do it on my next house-sit. Everybody has a quieter place than me.


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2 responses to “Chapter 12 is up

  1. Ah Clem

    Trust it isn’t too inappropriate to leave a msg in the comments section.

    Checkin’ to say hi!

    I had this notion to look up past acquaintances and was pleasantly surprised to find your considerable footprint on the web – kudos to you.

    It seems like I haven’t seen you since the daze of WaHi, as I have been in the land of Oz for many moons.

    Maybe you will remember me as the RoughToughCremePuff, as one of the co-conspirators in the Mona Foltz ruse or as your brother’s namesake.

    In any event – cheers!


    • rick s

      I’m pretty fuckin excited! I think you are Greg Geisler and I’d really love to be in touch. An awful lot has happened since WaHi! (at least that is the only Greg I think I know in Oz)
      I saw David last summer. I’m retired. I live alone. I’m house-sitting and caring for someone’s dogs right now.
      Email me. or


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