Ache Song

Oh where is the one I seek?

the night is lonely and

when the daylight comes

I am still yearning

my journey not done

I ask for your patience

I have run

out of time

there will be no debate

and I will

not arrive

so I cannot be late


I have learned

in this world

has been wrong

When this breath

blows away

there will be no one

here singing

this song

I have been smoke

I have been rain

I am a thread

that waits to be pulled

I have no words

that are true

no name that is mine

along with all things

under the sky

joined be the stars

moved by the wind

a ripple

on the ocean of time


I will wait

this vast pain

of separation


I will bear it

this ache

is all I have

to offer you

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Filed under personal story, poetry, Spirituality

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