That was a hard show

The radio program Friday night was difficult. No callers until… well, their was Dan, who always calls when he’s on his break at the group home… but then at 1:50 0r so the phones would not stop- crazy.  Our usual engineer, my friend Daniel F was unable to do his part because KBOO suspended him for 2 weeks because he said “shit” on the air before 10 pm a couple nights before. KBOO didn’t get any complaints but someone ratted him out to the station manager and he – well, already said it. Can’t blame them. If there had been a complaint the FCC could levy a fine that exceeds the station’s annual budget.

So, shit. It was just a hard night. Anyway, the mp3 is  uploaded, you can find it on the radio archives tab (MLBM above).

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