Found Pictures

Looking through some photographs, thinking about a sort of digital scrapbook in honor of Erin’s 30th birthday, this Saturday. She only made it to her 13th but time marches on, regardless.



In the years before you broke my heart, I never thought that you could do it

so I never stopped to wonder if you would

in the sunlight of that certainty, I slowly fell asleep

knowing you were close beside me and that everything was good

Now in the dream that came to visit in the time of which I speak

the storm of judgement raged across the land

in a cold and barren dessert we were among the only living

but we faced that road together and we walked it hand in hand

I’m only here to tell that it’s alright now

and that even though you took me from your will

do you ever think about me?

does it ever make you smile?

Did you know I always loved you?

Do you know I love you still?

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