Daisy Track

Whenever I go out walking with my bird, people come up and get in her face and say “Does he talk?”
I say, she doesn’t talk to strangers (which is generally true). Mostly she talks to get attention and so people who are real interested in her don’t rate a conversation.
Tonight I thought I would try to record her- she was not very cooperative. She made cat noises and squawked. Then I tried to get her to whistle the Andy of Mayberry theme song. She just whistled off-key (her usual thing). I stuck her on her perch and left her with the microphone still on and went to do other stuff. For a while she mumbled a little song to herself (this is one of her night-time things- she makes up songs that don’t make any sense and sings them to herself in a soothing but mumbly voice. I came back in the room and she made some other noises at me.
Overall, not a good sample of her talking. She has a lot of things she says but getting her to do it on cue is impossible. She talks when and if she wants, usually when you want her to shut up. Sometimes she says things that I just don’t know where it comes from. One time when the family was watching TV and Daisy was in the room and feeling left out she stood up on top of her cage, spread her wings and said “I can fly!” in a loud “robot” voice.
You just never know.


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