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Mad Radio Tonight!

Mad Liberation

By MoonLight

Tonight! On KBOO Radio 90.7 FM

1- 2 a.m. Late Friday night

(yes, I know that it is technically Saturday morning- relax, it’s just a radio show)

August 15th, 2008

This show is dedicated to Everyone

*who has ever been given a psychiatric label,

*who experiences mental health challenges and of course to

*anybody who has the misfortune (or good fortune) of being awake at that hour.

You can participate!

Call in at (503) 231-8187

We also hope to have some live in-studio

musical performance by CS/X performers on

this show.

(Set your alarm if you aren’t usually up at that time)

Friday nights from 1 am to 2 am usually following the

full-moon, will be a segment on KBOO radio (90.7 on

your fm dial, to the left of NPR), also streamed on the

internet on their website,

http://www.kboo.fm/index.php will be time for

Mad Lib by Moonlight. The program is part of the

usual Friday night show, The Outside World.

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