Homemade music

Today I thought I’d just post/ repost some of the songs I’ve recorded. The recordings are poor quality- I’m doing this on my own with a cheap mike and a PC and I haven’t the foggiest notion of how to do it correctly. Bear with me.

This Lullaby I wrote as a comfort to myself:


This is an open letter to god- I was a bit angry at the time. I haven’t included all of the lyrics in this version. Most people are ready to stop listening before I get to the end:


This is a song my family sings before meals. The primary lyrics are traditional, the overlay words are mine as as is the music.


A song I wrote for Erin when she was 2 years old (I have songs that I wrote for all my kids; sometime I’ll try to record them; sometime I’ll try to do a better recording of this one, too):


On a completely different note-

An update from David Oaks re the Oregon Consumer/ Survivor Coalition:

Hi OCSC Talk,

I just got off phone after long and, I feel, productive discussion
with Erinn Kelley-Siel, who is advisor in Governor Kulongoski’s
office about human services.

Some of the main points:

* Erinn absolutely agrees to a meeting with OCSC representatives
personally herself, fairly soon. Because more than one board member
of OCSC is right in Salem, this would seem to be do-able! And I think
it can be helpful. I’ve let Mark (as volunteer on communications for
OCSC) and Tracey (as board president) know.

* Erinn agrees she will RECOMMEND that the Governor meet with
representatives of OCSC. Of course, standard disclaimers apply: She
can’t speak for Governor, he has extremely limited timeline, but she
feels such a meeting would be a good idea. I argued that this issue
is beyond money… that it would be helpful for the Governor to send
a signal that Oregonians with mental health issues are citizens, too,
with a voice, and that he supports a new paradigm.

* We both agreed that (a) the constituency we are working for is
extremely disempowered, (b) Oregon is behind on supporting the state-
wide voice of this constituency, (c) moving forward will be a two-way
street: it will take advocacy by elected officials, and also work by

* We agreed that “a new day” has dawned here in Oregon, with
increasing strength of consumer/survivor movement, the depth of
leadership and activity. I brought up names of several leaders whose
names she recognized, and we both agreed these leaders are good
example of this effort: Becky, Rollin, David R., Tracey, and others.

* I was surprised she hadn’t heard about the great work of
Empowerment Initiatives, and I told her about that. Same thing with
Dan Fisher’s work — she hadn’t heard about that. Dan, it would be
great for you to get a packet of your info to her! You and anyone
else is welcome to get her info. Here’s her contact info: Erinn
Kelley-Siel, Human Services Policy Advisor,Office of Governor Ted
Kulongoski, 900 Court Street, Room 160, Salem, OR 97301, ph:
503-378-6549, 503-378-6827 – Fax. E-mail: Erinn.L.Kelley-

* She can’t guarantee on any budget item of course, but she said she
would do what she could to support budget for consumer/survivor voice.

* A key personal concern for her right now is the placement of
housing in community people convicted of crimes — folks under PSRB.
She said there is intense opposition from community groups. We agreed
that mental health client groups — by putting human face on consumer/
survivors — played a key role in responding. And that these are
difficult issues, but a first step should be VOICE of consumer/
survivors in such efforts. I pointed out this needed to be beyond
tokenism. She said there are some meetings about PSRB coming up, and
she personally would like support from people in those, she said
she’d keep me in touch about them.

* She pointed out that just because Bob Nikkel supports consumer/
survivor voice, it may not get into Governor’s budget. She estimates
that out of 100 items that Bob asked for he got 13. I don’t know how
accurate this, but even if that’s at all close to the truth, it is a
big challenge.

All in all, I think it was a constructive meeting. If anything, we’re
certainly doing the right thing by reaching out, creating dialogue.

Consider: As I’ve said, both USA Senators from Oregon (Smith & Wyden)
are extremely passionate about mental health issues. But neither have
ever met with representatives of a state-wide coalition of mental
health consumers/psychiatric survivors. We can’t blame them for that
— such a coalition has not existed until now! I think there’s a
reasonable chance both would agree if asked and the timing is right.
But even if they don’t agree, at least by ASKING the ball is in their

Clearly, now, with the Governor’s office — the ball is in their
court… an indirect benefit of the launch of OCSC already….


Electroshock news, etc.:

Information about electroshock, also called electroconvulsive therapy.

Stop New York State from Forcibly Shocking Simone D!

Info and alerts to resist the State of New York order for even more forced electroshock of Simone D., who has experienced more than 200 involuntary electroshocks (also known as electroconvulsive therapy or ECT).


News Analysis

Electroshock in India: News Analysis

by David W. Oaks — 2007-04-22 07:41

On 1 April 2007 — April Fools Day — in the city of Pune in India, a mental health center held a major event promoting electroshock. The organizers of the promotion covered up hazards about electroshock and gave false information. MindFreedom has a sponsor group in Pune, Center for Advocacy in Mental Health, a project of Bapu Trust. Advocates from Bapu Trust attended the shock promotion event, and here is their news analysis.


New, Free Web Book

The Electroshock Quotationary: New, Free Web Book

by David W. Oaks — 2006-11-25 16:04

Leonard Roy Frank is a survivor of forced electroshock, a long-time human rights activist, an expert editor of quotations, and a passionate MindFreedom supporter. Here is Leonard’s news release about his new book of quotations available online for free.


Download Free PDF of Leonard Roy Frank Electroshock Quotationery

An Electroshock Quotationary edited by psychiatric survivor Leonard Roy Frank is available as a free PDF download.


A Mind to End Shock Therapy

A newspaper article in the Toronto Star in Canada quotes several electroshock activists about the idea of ending electroshock.


A writer on electroshock

A writer reflects on how electroshock has impacted memory. This anonymous piece was posted on the excellent blog by Philip Dawdy, called Furious Seasons.


Evidence of Electroshock Harm

This is a YouTube link to a video with Steven Wittenberg speaking on how ECT harmed his wife Sue.


Call for ECT to be Banned

This is a link to a YouTube video by MindFreedom member Sue Clark-Wittenberg who says ECT should be banned.


NY State New Guidelines on Forced Electroshock

Apparently in response to the state-wide outrage following MindFreedom human rights alerts about two individuals slated for forced electroshock, NY State has issued new “guidelines” about use of involuntary electroshock over the wishes of the subject. MindFreedom’s response: No Means No.


Flyer: “Electroshock = Permanent Brain Damage”

A one page flyer, available in both PDF and Powerpoint format, highlighting the link between electroconvulsive therapy and brain damage.


Psychiatrist tries to silence forced electroshock survivor

In New Zealand, a psychiatrist, Stephanie du Fresne, was administering involuntary electroshock (also known as electroconvulsive therapy). During an outing the recipient of the electroshock went to a TV station and got on national television about her human rights abuse. Dr. du Fresne filed a complaint against the television station, claiming the TV station was violating the right of her allegedly-insane patient to “informed consent” about appearing on national television. On 7 February 2008, a New Zealand High Court “quashed” the psychiatrist’s attempt to stifle free speech.


Gathering in Montreal to Ban ECT

Place Emilie-Gamelin (metro Berri-UQAM), from 2008-05-10 11:00 to 2008-05-10 13:00

The Quebec Committee to ban ECT is honoring Mother’s Day with a gathering to say NO to ECT.


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