Things have been a little overwhelming and I’ve had some psychiatric symptoms complicating things. It’s all okay, though. I’m going to be fine. And I know how to cope. I’ve been through worse.
Snook Fire/ Disaster News-
As you may already know, I was laid off  3 days after losing our home to fire. It hasn’t been a very good year so far. Except, I must say, for the support we have received from friends- that has been a blessing.
It’s been tough on Matt (our 18 year old- he was very attached to some stuff that was lost in the fire- things from when his sister was alive- he has a touch of OCD when it comes to things he associates with Erin).
The animals are mostly accounted for and safe. My sister is sitting for the two white cats (Blizzard and Annie). The humane society is boarding Mike and Noel. Daisy is being cared for by some neighbors who are “bird people” and don’t seem to mind her at all. Ruth has gone missing- cabn’t find her- but she’s probably around the old house somewhere, just freaked out.
Many people have helped us move stuff into storage and helped with clean-up and disposal of our former possessions. Julie has been working mostlyt and we both have been searchging for a home every spare minute. Matt is back to work at WallMart as of today.
We found a place to live- It’s a townhouse/ duplex near 122nd and Holgate. It has 2 bedrooms and a lot of stairs. It’s the first place where they didn’t tell us to take a hike (losing a job is not a good start to getting a rental).
We have a trustee account set up but the bank doesn’t want us to post it on the internet. If you can help, write me a comment or email me at dwellintheheart@yahoo.com or call me.
May T., Clerk of Oversight Committee at the Multnomah Monthly Meeting is the trustee- she’ll be able to access the funds for things we need like-
moving costs- deposits, getting utilities set up again,
replacing stuff we lost (e.g. Julie’s and my bedroom was gutted),
misc. expenses hard for us to pay because I just got laid off
(Re getting laid off- if anyone has a digital copy of my resume that would be great, because my copy was on the basement computer that was where the fire started.)


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  1. rickpdx

    Thank you for the support-
    good vibes are always welcome.


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